Are You a Savvy Safe Traveler?

Here's a little checklist we've put together so you can tell how well you'll fare on the safety issue (many people seem to think that everyone is a victim of thievery in some south american cities -- we say psshaw -- it's not everyone, it's the people who make themselves the easiest targets).

So, answer each question yes or no:

1. I scream TOURIST in my style of dress (i.e. white sneakers, clothing very different in manner from the locals, expensive clothing, etc).

2. I scream TOURIST in my demeanor (i.e. talking very loudly in English everywhere, walking around with a map/guidebook out most of the time, being flamboyant with cash, not paying attention to what is around me, etc)

3. I scream TOURIST in my electronics (i.e. my camera, cellphone, computer are on prominent display on my body at all times, I am aiming a camera or video camera at everything and everyone, I am very obviously using other expensive electronics like a hand-held GPS, etc.).

4. I scream WEALTHY (which means lush pickings for a local thief) in the items I display on my body (i.e. watch, jewelry, shoes, accessories, electronics).

5. I scream CARELESS (purse carried by the strap instead of across the body, tendency to set items down and walk away from them -- even for a moment, displaying cash in the wallet when paying for an item, etc.).

You scream, and the thieves will come.

Don't scream, and you'll most likely be just fine (unless it's your karmic turn for bad poop).


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