Argentine Music and Movies to Enjoy at Home

After some requests, we've decided to start compiling a list of Argentine music and movies available for sale outside of Argentina that are worthy of owning and enjoying at home. Our first selection:

The CD and book box set of Gustavo Santaolalla's Café de los Maestros. It's a living history of the great masters of tango music. We were at the opening of the live show at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. A once in a lifetime experience that is beautifully and superbly memorialized in the very soulful performances recorded on this set. Truly a must.

Sometimes truly magical films come into your life.. films that evoke the smiles and nuances of places you'd like for your own history, and the film Valentin is one of those special films...

Warning! We can't watch it without wanting to buy another plane ticket to Buenos Aires.

If you thrill in immersing yourself in a country's most noted literature -- and you have somehow missed reading Jorge Luis Borges, undeniably one of the most noted South American authors (and as a bit of trivia, for whom the street in Palermo leading to Plaza Serrano has been named), then start with his collected fiction:

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