Gluten-Free in Buenos Aires

In Argentina, unlike the USA or other countries -- people are very aware of celiac disease.

First, learn to say"Soy Celiaco (or Celiaca if you are female) Necesito comidas sin gluten, por favor" which means, "I am Celiac. I need gluten-free food, please."

Of course, you know, eating out is at YOUR OWN RISK. What's been safe for me may not be safe for you.

Parrillas are an easy place to eat if you order you order just grilled items -- with one caveat: there is a grilled cheese (just the cheese, no bread), called provoleta that is DELICIOUS. But, some cooks dip the rounds of cheese in flour first to hold them together -- so you have to be clear on that one. In my experience people are very accommodating and I have had NO problems. I have a personal rule of tipping a bit better (standard in Argentina is 10%)- I tip 15 to 20% when I receive special attention).

I have eaten at all the restaurants mentioned elsewhere in this blog. The owner of Almacen Hollywood went out of his way to buy and cook for me gluten-free pasta on a return trip to the restaurant! But, I suggest, that if you go, you show up with your own bag of gluten-free pasta. Munchies is an ice cream shop that has its gluten-free ice creams very clearly marked -- they are open until 1 a.m. There are a number around the city, but my favorite one is the one at the corner of Guise and Charcas, a couple of blocks from the Alto Palermo shopping mall. You order your size and pay first -- then take your slip to the ice cream dippers... say "soy celiaca" as you order and perhaps add "necesito plastico" if you need to clarify. Los Cholas has a delicious provoleta de cabra (goat cheese) that I ws assured was made without flour, and a great grilled vegetable platter and great grilled trout -- along with all the meats.

I have been told about a lovely gluten-free coffee shop (complete with pastries and foods!):

Te Adoro García
Teodoro García 2902
Colegiales, Buenos Aires

(Colegiales is right next to Palermo)

The government has a list of all the gluten-free products manufactured:

I find the largest selection at Dietetico Viamonte in the microcenter on Viamonte a half block from Suipacha. BUT, most dieteticos (health food stores -- which abound all over the city) will have some gluten-free products, including a passable bread made by Tante Getty.

For more information see:

There is also a listing of gluten-free restaurants at:

(but, note that Simona, much to my dismay, is now closed and much of the rest of the list are places which will accomodate, but not serve any special gluten-free foods).


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Mariana said...

great! it is really nice to know it is like that. We are moving to Baires for a year with my celiac family, so we were wondering about how it would be. Thanks for your hints, we will probably use them.

If you read Spanish, we have a blog about food for celiacs we are trying: